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Yoga Classes

Laughing Yoga

Hatha All Levels

Every Thursday at 5 pm
Every Sunday at 10 am

This 75-minute class is a well-rounded practice that includes the basics as well as options for more challenging modifications. It's appropriate for any student with any amount of yoga experience.

Hatha 1

A basic introduction to yoga breathing, postures, and relaxation in a 75-minute session. Intended for beginners with no previous experience, or those looking for a gentle and basic ongoing practice.

Yoga for Daily Living

September 12 to November 21
Every Tuesday at 9 am

Walter Reed Community Center
Arlington, VA

How can yoga help when someone cuts you off in traffic or you're late for a doctor's appointment? This class will answer that question. Learn how to tune into your body to get the greatest benefit out of what yoga offers. Learn breathing skills and techniques to relieve worry and anxiety as well as to concentrate better. This class will use movement, breath, and stillness to practice in daily life.

To attend this 75-minute class, join the Arlington 55+ program by purchasing the pass.

Active Senior Couple
Senior Yoga Class
Senior Yoga Class

Hatha Yoga Basics

September 11 to November 20
Every Monday at 5 pm

Arlington Mill Community Center
Arlington, V

New to yoga? Worried that you won't know how to do the poses? This class is designed for those with no, or very little experience. Students will learn the names of the poses, the best alignment for their bodies, and how to do poses on their own at home safely. The class will also teach some essential breathing and relaxation techniques.

To attend this 75-minute class, join the Arlington 55+ program by purchasing the pass.

Other Offerings

Gayle Yoga for the Ages in Warrior 2 Pose

At Yoga for the Ages, I offer private and small group classes in six or eight-week sessions. I also offer classes for businesses and organizations. Please contact me for pricing and further information.

Benefits of private yoga classes:

  1. Personalized attention for areas you want to work on.

  2. Individualized practice plans

  3. Opportunities to ask questions specific to your needs and goals

  4. Opportunities to refine your practice in certain areas

  5. More in-depth understanding of yoga and its myriad benefits 

As a long-time student, practitioner, and teacher of yoga, I am available to speak to your group, club, or business about the lasting benefits of yoga. 

Other Offerings
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